English-Spanish Bilingual Photostories (Set of 12)

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ISBN: 978-1-77153-214-3
Type of Publication: Paperback
Number of Pages: 52-60
Order Number: 4-3545
Fry Reading Level Grade(s): 1
Publisher: Grass Roots Press

Product Description

Dual language books are wonderful tools to help create a literacy bridge between languages. These bilingual photostories are set up so that students can read the stories in both the target language and their first language, making it possible to compare and contrast the texts and develop metalinguistic ability. The photographs on each page reflect the text, making the words easy to decode. The diverse topics will appeal to a broad range of students. The set includes the following titles: Volunteer stories: Thrift Store, Daycare Centre, Gardening; Health issues: Stress, A Good Night's Sleep, Fad Diets; Be-the-Judge: Tony's Deal, Mandy's Garage Sale, The Change; How-to: How to Check an Apartment, How to Be Good to Yourself, How to Build Community
English-Spanish Bilingual Photostories (Set of 12)